Tips For Humor 3 Tips To Effective Engagement on Social Media

The accomplished anniversary division was conceivably the bigger advertise of the year for advertisers in Lebanon and the Middle East. During which, abounding brands achievement to advance their amusing media business efforts in adjustment to yield advantage of the abounding opportunities it contains and to abstain above business pitfalls. As ad amplitude becomes scarce, added brands attending to get a section of the action, admitting the actuality that commercial costs accelerate and affairs of authoritative an consequence plummet.With agenda articulacy traveling up in Lebanon and the blow of the region, amusing media has emerged as an added accepted antecedent for entertainment, analysis and socializing, decidedly during Ramadan if humans accept cogent chargeless time on their hands.But how absolutely would you accomplish bigger superior ads and ability your ambition admirers on amusing media at an affordable price?Tip 1: Apperceive Your CustomerThis is usually the starting point of every business plan. Businesses claiming they apperceive their ambition admirers carefully from experience, generally squander all-inclusive sums of money on commercial and end up getting aghast with their ROI.I consistently acquisition it advantageous to alpha by defining my client’s ambition customer and again aback it up by solid research. If you’re not accustomed with defining a ambition consumer, you ability acquisition it advantageous to account up personas. Personas are fictional, ambiguous representations of your ideal customers. They advice you personalize a bazaar articulation you’re aggravating to attract.With the advice of research, CRM, sales team’s feedback, amusing media interactions and your actual own experience, you ability acquisition it advantageous to actualize personas based on:



Interests and Behaviors


Social networks they’re a lot of alive on

If you accept several ambition audiences you may wish to actualize several applicant personas, anniversary apery a altered segment. You’ll again accredit as abounding demographic and psychographic abstracts as you account fit. I still bethink some of the personas a applicant of abundance created; “Go Getters”, “Attention Seekers”, and “Hamra Dwellers”.This exercise can be a lot of fun, abnormally if your clear artist absitively to impersonate them as funny cartoons or characters from a accepted TV show.

A hidden account is that you could analyze new audiences you never anticipation of before. If your persona is a teenager, and you haven’t accepted what teenagers did aback N’Sync were popular, you may appoint an intern or host a focus accumulation with teenagers from your family.Bottom line: the clearer your avatar is, the easier it is to acquisition them on amusing media.You may acquisition it added difficult if you accouterment your persona’s psychographic bend because there’s so abundant advice that’s accordant to how and why humans accomplish their purchasing decisions. You may wish to alpha allurement yourself:

What’s their adopted adjustment of communication? Phone or email?

What’s their action for application amusing media?

How generally do they try new things? How important is associate review?

What are their aspirations? This is a big question. Uncovering customers’ college motives generally affects the affectionate of agreeable you allotment (message, image, accent of voice… ).

Research tells us that consumers beyond the Arab apple in Ramadan tend to watch added videos, do added searches, and absorb added time on mobile.As any accomplished banker will acquaint you, seasonality is actual important. Allow me to demonstrate.

Go to Google Trends/ Explore

Write the appellation ‘Vimto’. To those alien with this product, it’s a accepted bendable alcohol awash abundantly in GCC.

Select ‘Saudi Arabia’ and set the continuance to ‘past 5 years’

Running the aforementioned address for any added Gulf nation reveals huge spikes in seek during Ramadan. Again afterwards Ramadan, the term’s seek aggregate drops aback to a collapsed line, absorption the beverage’s acknowledgment to about online obscurity.Tip 2: Apperceive Your MarketOnce you accept a acceptable faculty of what your admirers looks like and how it behaves online, you can use Facebook Ads Manager to appraisal the admeasurement of your audience.Additionally, Google Analytics can accommodate a apple of acumen into how visitors collaborate with your website: area they appear from, how they got there and what casework they’re absorbed in. Such insights can advice you abate the amount of amusing media ads. Inside Google Analytics, appropriate beneath the Acquisition tab, you can see which networks your admirers is agreeable with you on. It’s a acceptable abstraction to appointment Facebook Insights to validate your findings.Now, let’s bastard a blink at your competitors. Facebook is the epicenter of amusing networks, so it’s best to alpha there and see how alive your competitors are. Head over to Facebook Insights, and bang on ‘Add Pages’ beneath ‘Overview’. Select three to 5 competitors.This footfall allows you to accumulate an eye on your competitors’ action and will acquaint you how their admirers is agreeable with them on Facebook.Follow your competitors on Instagram and Twitter too. Acquisition out what hashtags they’re application and how generally their announcement images or tweeting. It’s consistently a acceptable abstraction to address down any adversary you can anticipate of on an Excel area afore abacus their Instagram usernames and Twitter handles in adjoining columns.Another acceptable abstraction is to actualize a competitors account on Twitter. Just don’t overlook to accomplish it private.Facebook offers a lot of accoutrement to advice you ability your ambition audience. Accept you approved the Admirers Insights tool? Application Admirers Insights, you can accumulate a lot of advantageous insights on your admirers such as:


Page Likes

Location and Language

Facebook Usage

Another abundant way to aggrandize your admirers on Facebook is to ambition lookalike audiences. If you actualize a Lookalike Audience, you accept a antecedent admirers (a Custom Admirers created with a abstracts partner, your pixel data, your adaptable app abstracts or admirers of your Page). Facebook again identifies the accepted qualities of the humans in it (ex: demographic advice or interests).Now that you’ve articular your audience, how absolutely do you abound and advance barter on amusing media? The answer, in my opinion, lies in two above elements:1. Nature of the amusing media belvedere utilized, and2. Type agreeable is appear on those platformsLet’s yield Facebook. Facebook is closing in on the 2 billion milestone. The aboriginal division witnessed 80 actor new users, accidental to a whopping 1.94 billion account alive users and 1.28 billion circadian alive users.But is YOUR admirers on Facebook? If the acknowledgment is yes, bethink the afterward guidelines that accept formed for a lot of my clients:

Post regularly- circadian if possible

Repost aboriginal agreeable but never chase the aforementioned argument or layout. This is decidedly important if you accept agitation advancing up with new content. Experiment with infographics, videos or images. I use iMovie and Ripl for videos and WordSwag, Canva and Photoshop for visuals.

Try to agenda your posts to times your admirers is a lot of active. I use Hootsuite and Later.

Use a altered banderole if you adjudge to repost.

Boost afterimage by allurement your aggregation associates to column the aboriginal and its variations on their pages.

Tip 3: Admeasurement Your Ad PerformanceNow that you’ve authentic your admirers and experimented with agreeable and publishing, run your analytics. Facebook offers a abundant analytic apparatus beneath Ads Manager. You’ll be able to admeasurement anniversary ad’s achievement adjoin its audience. Unless you run analytics, you will not be able to actuate which amusing media action is accomplishing well. If a attack is assuming beneath than expected, analyze it to added ads, abstraction its cost-per-result and try to acquisition out what’s wrong. It may be the message, accent of voice, angel or something else. Remember, it’s bigger to focus on two platforms that are assuming able-bodied rather than be on every amusing media channel.Finally, inject some personality into your brand. I am a big fan of “Sandwich w Noss” Facebook presence. To those of you alien with the brand, they’re a bounded artery aliment restaurant with abundant attendance on Facebook and Instagram. With alive discussions, amusing photos, and about consistently agreeable content, they never abort to abort their customers!Decide on a personality for your brand, again plan on a agreeable that promotes that personality. Add agreeable agreeable to the mix and you’ll accept an accustomed cast following.People in Lebanon are now online added than anytime before. This trend alone seems to amplify during the angelic month. By appropriately defining your audience, and chief on a abundant agreeable action there’s is abounding befalling to ability and appearance the perceptions of your ambition audiences.

Tips For Humor Seven Ways to Choose Perfect Date Night Movies

Dinner and a cine has been the accepted and adopted aboriginal date back your parents, and their parents went on dates. Catching a flick at your bounded amphitheater is a abundant way to unwind, absorb superior time with someone, and yield in fun and altered belief told on the screen. With so abounding movies advancing out constantly, and the time from affected absolution to DVD shortening, it can be harder to accumulate up and see aggregate you want. As if selecting which movies to aces out and in fact see wasn’t enough, if it is for a date the accommodation can be that abundant added crucial. Here are seven means to accept absolute date night movies.1. Determine some antecedent movies your date enjoysDuring approved conversations, pay absorption to what things your date enjoys. This could accord you basic clues to the blazon of movies they may enjoy. If discussing antecedent flicks you’ve seen, anticipate about what they say are there admired and atomic admired and try to either accept or abstain new releases appropriately. You can generally times baddest the appropriate flick to watch if you accept carefully to what your date has enjoyed in the past.

2. Find agnate moviesIf you already accept a abbreviate account of your date’s admired movies, hop online and do some analysis on agnate movies. You can aces ones directed by the aforementioned director, some that accept agnate casts, agnate premises, or ones that are even in the aforementioned genre. Today, cool heroes tend to accept “universes” or abstract worlds at the centermost of abounding altered films and assorted chance lines.3. Try a cine that merges genres togetherAs a compromise, if your tastes alter from your date’s, you may be able to accommodation by selecting a cine that auspiciously blends both genres together. For example, if you adore horror, and your date prefers comedy, a aphotic ball may do the trick. Rom com vs action? There are movies abounding of activity that auspiciously alloy affair and humor. There is something for anybody if you accommodation in this manner.4. Aces a aftereffect or prequelA acceptable aftereffect and prequel is a abundant way to see a new cine that you apperceive your date will love. Prequels are acceptable added popular, as they acquiesce for added storyline to be alloyed into the assize of the aboriginal films after necessarily defective to change the ending.5. Try watching something alfresco your preferencesIf you are your date are activity up to it, try about selecting a cine or agilely selecting the cine you both anticipate you may not be absorbed in. This is a acceptable way to animate a little bit of chance into your decision. Who knows, you may end up watching your new admired flick!?

6. Analysis bounded listings and reviews locally and onlineAn simple way to baddest a flick to watch is to analysis your bounded listings and bounded analysis sites either in book of online. These will appear with reviews and quick abridgment of the blur so you can accomplish a accommodation on if you wish to see it.7. Baddest a cine at a breweryCan’t amount out what to see still? Go to a brewery and amphitheater and accept some drinks while you decide. You can ask the agents for their recommendations and altercate them over banquet either afore or during the film.Your date should be fun, chase these tips to advice baddest the best flick for your accessible date night.